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I can't claim to be very good about keeping resolutions.  Especially those made at New Years.  But it does seem like an opportune time to at least consider what changes you might want to make in the new year.  One thing I am going to try to do a little differently this year as far as my "resolutions" are concerned is make a plan on how I intend to achieve them.  Not just say - loose weight and get healthy, but prepare for how and what I will need to achieve that goal.  So, for example, I need to clear out the fridge of foods that will not support my efforts.  I need to go grocery shopping and stock up on healthy, lower calorie items that I will eat and that are convenient for me both at home and at work.  I need to set up an area if the house for "exercise" I have a step, a stationary bike, some light hand weights, etc., all of which will need to be gathered together in one area to support my "work outs".  And then I need to do it.... easier said than done, but you gotta keep trying right?  So what about you all?  Any resolutions and plans on how to make it/them happen this year? 

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LOL, too true and so far I am not doing so good on that my to do list.  But I will keep trying.  I have thought that perhaps I would add to the list, and put "organize and clean out my bedroom".  yep, making a plan as I type.  

my resolution is to be more organized .. i made a list too .. but i'm so disorganized i can't find it .. 




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