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Hello Everyone,

I have been with my boyfriend for 2 yrs and 5 months, almost 3 years.  He is a graduate student and I am an Undergraduate student. We have good relationship connections, and we were almost planing on getting engage this year 2011,but he is a little violent. 

He wants me to spend every single day, and minute that he can with me on daily bases and it was becoming very annoying for me. I was getting tired of seeing him too much and I just wanted to spend time by myself; I didn't even find time to take care of my self, my looks, my hair, my body...nothing!!  I couldn't even do my school homework, he used to tell me to go with him to his house and do my homework so that we can find time with each other. 

Anyhow, this past year was a whole mess, I was talking to some friends from school and he was getting mad because they used to text me too much and flirt with me; but in my eyes they were just college friends and nothing more.  He used to say that I don't love him and I am not serious with him. 

I honestly only loved him and no other person. In my eyes, he was everything because I have done so many things only with him. I did wanted to get engage with him and settle down, but I made a mistake that broke up my relationship with him. 

I used to fight with him alot because I know that his parents do not like me, they stereotype me, brainwash him not to be with me and more negative things to break us up. However, I couldn't take these problems any longer so I decided to flirt with a guy from my class. We used to write to each other sexual text messages, flirt, joke....etc. But I decided to send this guy a naked picture and he did the same. However, 2 days after I forgot to delete all those text messages and my boyfriend/ex found everything, read it, and decided to break up with me for cheating on him. 

He went completely crazy and we had a really serious, bad fight. He was smacking me, hitting me, and he even bruised my arm. He put call restrictions on my cellphone and my home phone so that none of my calls will be acceptable. 

I really feel guilty because I know for fact that I have hurt his feelings, but I don't think that I have actually cheated on him. I have done funny, stupid things during our relationship and he forgave me. This was a mistake!!

Right now, I have absolutely no way to get in contact with him at all. I have tried sending him text messages, emails, to try to apologize and he just doesn't reply to me at all. He is ignoring me. 

I truly feel very bad for what I have done, and I want to fix problem because I am so deeply in love with this man that I don't think I can be with anyone else at all. I really cannot afford to loose him because he has been there for me alot, and helped me so much. 

I would appreciate it, if someone can please take some time to help me and give me a good advice about what to do in this relationship.  Thank you very much!!

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He hit you and you feel bad for what you've done?

Dump him.
Yes! That is the exact answer that I've got from my mother, but it is very difficult because I have been with him for a while and he is really my first real love.
lol......I really don't think it is that serious.
Right now, I am actually searching online trying to see if I can learn some more things that can help me in the future, but I know that every human being on earth makes mistakes because this is how we learn.

No man should ever hit a woman for any reason. That in itself is resaon enough to leave. However, you....if you really were in a mature, committed relationship you just don't trade sexy texts and/or trade naked pictures with another man.

That would be pretty hard for your SO to just drop and forget.

Grow up some and start over somewhere else.

Thank you! I totally agree with your argument.

Pack your bags...open the door and leave.   It's pretty simple if you value your life and self esteem.

p.s. Do not look  back.

I think I saw a similar problem on an outtake of the Brady Bunch. Marcia wrote a poem about pork brains in outer space to win her man back.  




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