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Who says cops can't  have a sense of humor?

I just hope if I ever pulled over he/she has one...;->

No matter what they admit to, they do have quotas.

You'll see them more active the first ten days and the last ten days of the month. Some like to get it done early so they can relax while the procrastinators wait till the last minute.

Law enforcemrnt like anything else is a business......must bring in money. One cop I knew well told me a lot of ticket money in that particular city went to finance private parties for cops and their families.

When I graduated from high school, there were naturally dozens of parties. The cops broke up one I was at around midnight. Simply confiscated all the booze and chased everybody off. We went to a different party and about three hours later drove past the parking lot of an abandoned shopping center about two blocks away from the first party. There were about seven squad cars and two dozen cops, swigging the booze they'd stolen from us - I recognized the tub that we'd been cooling the keg in.


*Ptooey* Cops. They pull shit like that and then get all offended when people call them "pigs".

On the other side of the game coin - I was staying with my friend, a Porsche mechanic, on Long Island during a police slowdown sometime in the early 1970's I think. One winter night we 'borrowed' one of the cars in the shop and took it to a deserted, icy parking lot. After about 5 minutes of careening and spinning in circles a cop car pulls up to us. The driver rolls down his window - he is all smiles - and says that looks like a lot of fun but why don't you take it down the road so I can't see you from my 'stakeout' area. His partner just sat there oblivious eating a sandwich.

Rant:   I feel like I fell out of a hole this morning

Rave:   I'm still breathing......

30th aniversity of my biggest failure.
oh, my gosh, Aggie - I love that!
That is hiLARious!!

This is the same idiot that invited other governors to join him at an anti-gay event hosted by the bigoted American Family Association and skews religion to reinforce his personal political ideology. I'm guessing economic ruin forces you to come back to god. And he wants to be president.





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