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Thanks B A F, I aim to please.
Tee, that avatar's so cute, I might just have to eat you w/a spoon.

I went to the Polish Festival and they did not have any kolaches and their beer was Czech, but their pierogi was good.


But Czech beer it delicious...what kind was it? Pilsner Urquell?
Might have been it had green and gold on keg handle, a nice Czech lady bought it for me.
I love pierogis. Haven't had any since I left Michigan.
I enjoy sharing pierogi!
Last week I had a bad headache that lasted for 5 days.
Now I have a cold.
I was supposed to fly back to FL on Wed. Not happening. Long story, but we are going to rent this house. This is something that just happened less than 24 hours ago. My neighbor's father is ill, and they need a place close for him to live, at least temporarily, so they can keep an eye on him. And their parents aren't well off financially, so we are renting at bargain basement prices. Had to cancel my flight. There goes about $150 bucks. I'll have to reschedule, so there is about another $150 bucks. And moving costs are going to be somewhere between $3000 and $3500 bucks. I'll be stuck here until at least the 23rd, packing and sorting. My biggest bitch? The computer here is an antique piece of crap! I probably won't be posting much because this thing is so slow that it sometimes takes a full minute for a page to load. So I am going to be here all by myself, working my butt off, and not being able to play on TBD very much. CRAP!!!

Listen, you! You MUST take breaks here & there & go to the library & play w/us!

We insist! Right, gang?

Right, d's!

You are a good neighbor, TeeBubbaDee!  I hope everything works out.

Kooner, keep up! TeeBub's in OHighOH!




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