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Don't clean house.  Want to get your mind off the Yahoos?  Just relax and watch a little Jerry Springer.


Picturing Nixon so please pardon me: I am not a bitch! Well, to little kids anyway. Unless they are being bullies. However, life here is getting unbearable due to one little girl. I don't mind kids playing. Before she came the sounds of kids playing was just pleasant background noise. But this little girl shrieks and screams the entire time she is outside. It never stops. It's like some kind of torture. I don't know how to complain about a little girl playing outside. It's never come up before in my entire life. Being out on the porch has always been important to my husband and me. But now we have to stay inside when she comes home and starts to play. I already tried earplugs. But they are limited to decibels, and she is louder than those limitations. I needed to get this off my chest. Thanks.

...How do you feel about strangers giving candy to children ? You could tell her the "P" on your Placidils stands for "Peanut".

LOL Snagg. I might consider taking the Placidil myself. Being a drooling, semi comatose, drugged out idiot might be the only way to get along.

Just tell her your pet snake slipped out the back door right before feeding time and a little girl is still missing since last time the snake got out.

You have my sympathies, Joella.  Children who scream at ear-damaging pitches are one of my pet peeves.  It actually hurts.

Does this one have parents?  Are they hearing-impaired (yet)?  This could actually be a safety issue for the family.  If something screech-worthy happens to this child, nobody will be able to tell the difference between the emergency and her normal communications. 

When I was a child, I couldn't scream at all.  I mean I was not able to produce that sound.  I envied children who could do it.  We don't have indiscriminate screamers in our family, so I don't know how they happen.  I would be interested in knowing.

Thanks Baia! Yes, it does hurt. Besides the ear splitting din, I think you hit the nail on the head. When I hear screaming like this, especially from kids, all my alarms go off. The first time it happened I ran outside to see what was happening, heart pounding. As I watched I could see nothing was wrong--she was having a great time. Now a month has gone by and when she comes shrieking into the yard I run away into the house and close the windows and doors.

I have never seen a parent out there.  No adults at all that aren't walking their dogs. She is part of a small group of kids that play together. I don't know how the other kids put up with that constant shrieking, but they do. I used to watch them to see if the girl might be deaf, or have some kind of obvious disorder. She clearly doesn't.

I have decided to be happy outside when I can be, and let her have the rest of the day. There's really nothing else to do. The thing about kids is they grow and change rapidly. I hated that when it came to our son, but I'm looking forward to it for this little girl.

I've never met anyone who couldn't scream, that I knew of. Do you carry a whistle or something? When I was little I used to let loose with the short bursts of screams when I got surprised, or when something was especially funny, but I never felt moved to scream as a way of life. I'm very sure I irritated adults in other varied and different ways.

A cat ran into my door this morning and I had to spend about an hour trying to capture it.  I'm not making it mine, no matter what it thinks!!

Might be a good mouser.


Anybody still alive around here ?

Barely.  ツ

I check daily to see if my name appears in "Slipped Away".




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