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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

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Common Sense was doomed the minute his sleazy cousin-by-marriage Win At Any Cost, Even If It's Just A Parking Space wandered into the picture.
I like that "like" Teebub.
And I'm borrowing it, too.
Go for it Ubu. Might not be appropriate at all times, but sometimes drastic posts call for drastic LIKES!!!

Hoping to be able to make it to this gathering today.


Shit, I didn't have time to go...but I did go to a Natalie Merchant concert this afternoon with the money raised going to breast cancer research. So it was a good exchange. She donates so much time, money, and energy to worthwhile causes in the area.

The damn trashman put the trashcans in front of the garage after he empties them.

It is a pain in the ass. i live on top a steep hill, have a stick shift and worry about my car rolling backwards down the hill into the river, when i have to get out and move the stinking trashcans.

Why don't they  put the trashcans where I left them off to the side of garage door?


Rave..at least they did pick up the trash!

lol, Beth! That was an entertaining Rant. Not the issue itself, of course, but the telling of it.


And what have you put poor Mrs. Pennypacker through lately. She doesn't WANT to be dressed up as a Queen! '-)


Rant: I'm not liking these new "retail" hours that I'm working.

Rave: I'm grateful to have a job.

I'm so pissed I'm ready to stroke out. About a week ago someone cut the wires on the Halloween lights in the front yard. I went out and spent another $30 bucks on new lights. A couple days later, one of the bulbs was busted. I replaced the bulb. Just plugged them in tonight, and they are cut again. I guess I take all the lights down, all the decorations down, and just say f*ck it. Guess I won't be decorating for X-mas either. I'm glad I don't know who did it, cause I don't want to go to jail.

I think a neighbors cat did it.





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