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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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Too funny!

Some people just need a sympathetic pat on the head...

with a hammer.

I talk to myself, but I have a good reason. Sometimes I need expert advice.

I completely understand.

You should never make decisions when you are hungry or horny. 

If I had been drinking a beverage i would have just have spewed it out my nose;

LOL!!! Tee....

D's Girl woulda  said"Giggle Snort".

Kinda miss the old days.

Not complaining, I love the company here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mind doesn't just wander, sometimes it completely disappears.

I've left many messages for mine but it seldom answers.

When it does do you listen?

Happy Pi Day!

Sometimes I just wanna go back in time and punch myself for all the stupid thing I have done.




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