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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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We've got the male version of her already......mittens!!!!

I didn't ever think I would say this, but...You shouldn't insult Paris Hilton.

She is better than a Mormon or a give-away king.

I was out driving this morning and a chicken ran out in front of my car and crossed the road.  As I was slamming on my brakes, I actually thought, "Why did it do that?"

Did you have vulcanized chicken for lunch?


Did it get to the other side?

I think I had a thought this morning but I'm not sure......it could have been a memory. But then I wondered, "Is a memory a thought?" And then, when one "wonders" is that actually a thought? And if one wanders off the path is that the same as "wondering" about a thought?

Now I'm really confused and am going to do my best not to think any more today

Ya'll carry on now............

There it went.

I get so confused.

That looks like it, but it was going the other way.

So it was chicken going the right way.

Or was it the right chicken going the wrong way?




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