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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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Do you have any yellow friends?


Nope, they all disappeared. 

I am so effing put out w/Newt effing Gingrich & Billy Graham's son I could spit. On them, if I could bring myself to do such a thing. 

...hey! If anyone would like an Obama bumper sticker, PM me your address & I'd be happy to send you one.

Is 'Effing' really Newt's middle name?  His initials spell NEG.  This means something.

I can get you some Rick Perry bumper stickers really cheap.


will this cold ever go away?

Do they still make Grecian Formula?

Describe the universe and give three examples.

where does time go?

It goes to yesterday.....and some. very little in my case, goes to memory

Thimbles used to be made of metal and would fit your fingers nicely.  They came in several sizes.  Now they're all plastic and don't stay on well at all.

what could be worse then working on  picking up roadkill and have to pick up a week old dead skunk?




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