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ok, what the heck were those little dead bugs that came out of my cayenne pepper bottle today????  Sweriously, they looked like ever so tiny June bugs and why would they want that spice??  You know i frantically checked all my 100's of spice containers after that!!!  Nightmares will most likely abound tonight! Ewww and also EWWWWW!!  It was not used for quite a while, maybe just too old, who knows?

The only issue I've ever had in my pantry is from flour moths, could it have been that in their caterpillar form?

Here is a good hunting dog, Labrador retriever, named OJ.

AWWWWWW!!!!  Your lab has yeller eyes like mine, it is rare , ya know?  Is your lab also a mix breed? If you tell him, "go, get them ducks, OJ, go get em!!""  will he??  Doubt it, like my Ginger, i bet he likes cats too!!  What  a LOVER!!!!! 

@ D's, ya know, i dont realy think that those bugs where in a pupa state or were larva, they had these hard shells, like June bugs. UGHHHHH!!  I just tossed the bottle and searched the others, so far, so good.  I think i do know what you refer to tho, i used to get those in my flour and sometimes in my cereal, those were like worms and then they would become these moths.  I stopped shopping at this one market and we also go our house termite tented back then, and the bug issue went away-  Hallelujah!!!! Took care of ant issues too, actually!

Here is a good hunting dog, Labrador retriever, named OJ.


He is my neighbor's dog I dog sit when they go away and walk him.

He is  purebred Lab. Not a Chocolate Lab, not a Black Lab, not a meth Lab!

He lives with cats and is a sweetie and well behaved!

On the Beach he thinks he is Marley from the  movie.

I agree. I spoiled him lots of dog biscuits. .

Yes, they are. I'm glad he's better already, D.D.!

My little one (the 38 pounder) is on the floor in front of me snoring softly. Get this: Ducatiman says she snores like me, and that she acquired it from hearing me for years. I think he's full of it! ;-p

My big guy Baxter - what a sweet, noble soul he is! I'm honored to have shared the last few years w/him.

Yay for Petfinder!! (hmmm..... that means I've met my last 2 guys on-line. One on TBD & one on Petfinder '-) Yay for Petfinder AND TBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie says, Cats RULE dogs drool!

These cats rule this 82 pound German Shepherd. Actually Mrs. Pennypacker rules them all.




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