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yay, TeeBub, oh wise one.
hormones suck.
I like goats
I prefer my goats in a yellow curry sauce, with rice & peas on the side and a serving of steamed cabbage. Maybe a fried plantain or two.

Disney animators used Marilyn Monroe’s body as the model for Tinkerbell.

Do you believe in pixie dust?
Not sure about the pixie dust Westerly, but I believe in Marilyn's body!!
Disney animators also used Bela Lugosi as the basis for the appearance and movements of "Chernabog" during the "Night On Bald Mountain" sequence in "Fantasia".
That section of Fantasia gave me nightmares as a child.  Still pretty impressive.
Depression is really just anger without the enthusiasm.
I would like to take a trip to New York City. I always wanted to see the Entire State building.

Which reminds me of a little joke....


According to Hollywood lore, the recently deceased Peter Falk got his famous glass eye at an early age. Early enough that, at around ten years old, he slid into home plate during a Little League game, and when the umpire called him out, Falk stood up, dusted himself off, plucked out the artificial eye and handed it to the ump, declaring "Here - You need it more than I do."




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