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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I mean....How artistic.
come on, you know you love it.

(wow, we posted at the same SECOND)
One last thought to control each game forum topic on page one. Success!!
you rock.
Aim High, Big Guy.
I'm sorry, Q. Ubu's been PMSing, but I think he started, finally. Maybe you two could commiserate, anyway.
And for you, I'd recommend an Extra Strength Excedrin. Aspirin, Acetominophen & Caffeine - ahhh.... cocktail of the gods.
...You haven't seen "The Hangover", have you?
lol! I discovered the exhibitionist in me in Vegas a few months ago. D@mn this Random Thoughts thread!
Well, I wash it down w/Scotch, but my Med Student friend has an absolute conniption every time. I would dismiss him, except he's not prone to drama, normally. :-P
Yeah sure. Offer Quinn some relief.
hahaha.... well, I would've offered you a Midol, but I think you needed it yesterday. You seem to be pretty much past it now. Sorry, Ubu, how about.... a Diet Rite? (that's all I got) I DO have 2 bottles of Extra Strength Excedrin; you're welcome to one of them. A pill, not a whole bottle.
So..... have you figured out d yet? He's the love of my life. He rocks my world. He makes me smile & laugh & dance & sing. He makes my heart so full that it leaks out my eyes. To quote James Wright's "A Blessing," if I stepped out of my body I would break into blossom. And he used to hang out on the original tbd.





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