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my boss drools when she is stressed.
She breeds dogs.
Seems ??
My boss is the reason I retired before I really wanted to. He's tougher than me, so kicking his ass wasn't an option, I just made him look even dumber than he was.
Another favorite country-western song.

"I've missed you, but my aim's improvin'"
Not so random because I get this thought an a fairly regular basis, but I think I will have another beverage.

oN A RelATD N0te, pLESE XSPECt tipng SCIlls to diMIMishes.
Did you know that when u have been dead for 10 trillion years...you will have been dead for only a small fraction of how long you will be dead for?
Beans And Frank
it is cold here today.
I'm hoping for a whallup of a snowstorm, but presently it looks wimpy.

Please Snow God: Smack Chicago's Western Suburbs! But let us get home from work first.
I am not going to have to hope and pray for a snowstorm. I already know I am about to get a walloping snowstorm!! U wanna trade locations Karen? U can work a shovel better then I can!




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