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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I wonder if there's anyplace you can go for indoor fireworks.

I'm thinking that I might just stay home.

This is the first 4th of July I can remember where we aren't having a cookout or doing fireworks. 

Pop corn w/o a cover....naked.    :-)

Why didn't you suggest that yesterday???

I think she did suggest it yesterday Bob. She just didn't suggest it to you. Maybe she was just concerned about you burning your...Ummm... Ya know, your...Ahhhh...

never mind.

Are we talking dirty?  I want to play.

Soil, mud, scuz, muck, grime, filth, slime, crud, dreck, sleaze, gook!!!

Dirty enough for ya?


Everywhere I went yesterday things were really crowded.  Even on the internet there were people everywhere.

Today seems better.

Why is some celery so bitter?  My whole salad was ruined because of nasty celery.

Look who we had for dinner.

Fried or roasted???




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