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While driving with my 84 year old Dad, we passed through an area with essence of skunk.  My Dad breathed deeply and said, "Ahhh, smells like home." 

My home smells like beer.  My guy smells like beer.  Even the dog smells like beer.

Beer's good.

Beer's good... No truer words were ever spoken.

Have you tried the beer in the blue bottle?


Hmmmm... I don't know of any beer in blue bottles here. I've recently tried Blue Moon, but it was on tap. Maybe I need to look into this situation. 

New Bud Light with 6% acohol but no taste.  Ladies like the blue bottles to put roses in.

Beer is beer (except when it is in a can).

Not a fan of Bud, and generally don't like light beers either, but have had some Bud Light Lime that wasn't bad.

What is it when it's in a can??

Not in a can, no ladies want blue cans only blue bottles.


are clean black pants a magnet to cats?


It's called piss.




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