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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I hate Celiac Disease. It has just about destroyed my life.

ok. it's not so bad. I'm on a pity pot today. I wish it didn't gobsmack me w/fatigue & depression AT THE SAME TIME.

ok. that's it. I'm done. thanks.

d's Girl.

I hope you  feel better.

hey D's

oh hun, i am so sorry for your inconvenience.  I have IBS and also lactose intolerant, so i feel for you!!  A couple of weeks ago I tried Align, you know that over the counter stuff to balance your natural bacteria.  Helped a lot, plus i take some antispasmotic pills and lactase enzyme before my meals. Do you see a GI doc or nutritionist to balance ur diet? I hope the best for you! Some days are just horrible, i understand.  ((((((((((d's girl)))))))))))

thanks, you guys. I appreciate your support. I really do.

Grieving my dad's death & getting hit w/an episode of my auto-immune disease is feeling tough.

But I am also feeling very loved & supported & grateful. So. I'm trying to hold onto that.

You guys are the best.

What makes Post Raisin Brand so raisiny?

Ahhhh, funes...  I'm pretty  sure it's the raisins.

That makes more sense than malted milk balls.

what about marshmellows?

I think you put them in fruit salads.

I like trail mix with raisens put in fat free yogurt.

I think I should probably start my Christmas shopping.

Bha humbug !




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