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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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It just snuck up on me!


this is a lot more strenuous then i had planned!

I thought it was just me...hehehee...

hey Grace!  how's your weekend?  i am trying to stick to my choices i have made and find myself getting weaker, and weaker, God please help me!

Thanks Grace, same to you!  :)

really?  i mean REALLY??  para usted???  my son works at Mickey D's, he gets me free stuff whenever!  LOL!


Oh man, guess i can't SUPERSIZE that pic!!

Turtle Wax or Spray on detailer wax?

OMG, KB...I am LOLing at your graphic!

it rained today.

of course I just waxed my car.

so glad you liked it, Quinn!!  It's how i feel sometimes!!  It's always quaint when Sesame street characters cuss too.  :)   Now where's that snickerdoodle!!




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