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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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Uh, Susan - There is no "conversation" going on here.


That's why it's called "Random Thoughts".

Susan! Come back! You're funny! I need funny!
Thanks, d's girl.
I am so stealing that rotfl,et.al...
Quinn, as long as your right neck is OK, you should be fine.


Teebs- I didn't even catch that! Quinn, no WONDER you won't go to Pittsburgh w/Katidid & me...

you've never confessed to having 2 necks & aren't ready to out yourself! 

yep. Those would be surprising. But I'd still love you. I'm not that shallow. '-)

...I bet there are men who would KILL to have a woman w/4 boobs. The possibilities...



...the size 14 feet... since you have 2 necks & 4 boobs, does this really mean that you're 2 people, and it's really 2 pairs of size 7s?

My daylilies are blooming.

I wish I had daylilies blooming, Goldilocks. Do you have any Stella d'Oro daylilies? I love them.

Whenever I do major landscaping at a house I'm guaranteed to move w/in a year or so, so I never get to see it to fruition. :-( Haven't planted anything here.

I know what you mean, Quinn.  My parents sold our home back in 1958 to people who tore out my family's beautiful gardens and paved the whole yard over with concrete.  It was hideous.
I don't have the Stella d'Oro variety, d's girl, but I do have pink, yellow, coral, maroon and two-tone daylilies.

You know how to tell when someone at work is REALLY hated?  It's when people would rather do that person's job, on top of their own, than have that person show up to do it himself.


We have a guy like that in our shop.




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