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I have sacrificed time, health, and fortune, in the desire to complete this post.
Took me 3 tries to get here. Got the "sorrry" page, went back, got the sorry page again, then I used my refresh page button and it finally came up.
Came back to see if I could. Got the sorry page, hit refresh, and it came up. But pages are loading very slow, and when you hit add reply, the little "wheel" above the add reply button just spins and spins.
Well, Ning is still apologizing to me. (grr.) I hope they get through their issues soon. I feel like I'm missing everyone.
Woah, look at all the fun I missed. I think they owe me more than an apology. Looks like I have some spanking to do.
Ning hasn't fixed anything. Tonight has been as difficult if not more so than the previous few. I have had to refresh the pages numerous times before getting anywhere in any aspect. I've had to refresh just to go to my page and approve comments. I have had the same difficulty in navigating between discussions, forums and blogs. It has gone from being a minor inconvenience to an outright pain in the posterior.
Still annoying on my end, too...plus, I'm finding that I've been "de-notified" from some of the threads I visit the most.

Doesn't ruin my life or anything. Just crabby about having to go back to work today after a four day weekend.
It means that some of my "Follow This Discussion" prompts have reverted to "Stop Following This Discussion", without my changing them myself.
I think we should all just concede to the fact that TBD is traumatically being destroyed.
I blame flouride in the water.
A little pain never hurt anyone.
They still haven't fixed a god damned thing. Everything is still as fucked up as it has been for the last several days. !!!@#%*%#@!!!




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