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This is a link to the speech the President will give to students tomorrow. Thought I'd post it and see if there was a reaction.

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That I would pay money for.
The LA public schools were going to show the speech, the crew played part of Limbaugh instead by accident.
Durqu, you are not missing anything. You simply have all of your senses and can use them. I think it was a great speech as well. It inspired me.
I usually steer clear of discussions with any political content, but I'm making an exception here.

I've been hearing that some schools sent home PERMISSION SLIPS for the students to view the speech. Permission slips? For a presidential speech?

It used to be that permission slips were for field trips and that lame sex ed. film that the phys. ed. teacher had to show.

Back when I was in school (Yikes, now I sound like my parents!) you didn't need permission to watch a speech by the President of the United States. Even considering that we had to wait until it came out on film or video tape, no one objected to us watching it. It was part of the Social Studies curriculum. It taught us what was going on in our government. Watching it (or reading it) did not mean you were for or against anything which was in the speech. It simply meant that you were keeping up with current events. And if you didn't agree with something he said, you MIGHT actually have something to discuss in class!

Permission slips.... [walking away and shaking my head....]




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