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This is a link to the speech the President will give to students tomorrow. Thought I'd post it and see if there was a reaction.

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I'm not so sure about that. Some of the African American kids that I mentor from my childrens choir are so enthralled by anything that Barack Obama has to say that I think they will get a lot from this. Even if their attention comes and goes, there is a lot here for them to get. Whatever comes of it seems like it will have to be more positive than negative. I think on the balance, it's a great thing that is happening.
my 8 year old thought it was too short.
My nine year old wants me to print it out for her because she wants to re-read it.
Ooh, and maybe even in zombie make-up. That would be cool.
Pru stop it. The repelicans are scared enough already.
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Yeah. That's what I meant.
Those dog gone mobsters (excuse my language), are at it again. You'd think they were concerned about a speech by someone who wants to fundamentaly transform the country, given to their kids. Or maybe they've lost their minds and think the president once worked with a militant, bombing leftist, where school children were taught civil activism, over a traditional school curriculum... Those dog gone haters (excuse my language), didn't one of them Republicans, just call Democrats A--holes, and claim they were poisoning poor communities? ,,, I'm just thankful that they are such an irrelevant party, otherwise they might have been able to derail the Democrats health care legislation... Certainly this less educated class, can not have good sense like ourselves. Perhaps we could start a government education program to teach them not to be such dog gone haters (excuse my language). We could pay for it by taxing those rich corprotists, they can afford, if not they can just lay off a few workers... dog gone it.

For the record ... I don't think anyone should have made a stink, before they knew the content of President Obama's speech.... I've seen that on all sides of politics, "General Betray-us" rings a bell .......
I vote republican and don’t see a thing wrong with the president talking to the children.
This happens with every president sense Bush, I think.
I feel sorry for Obama, the pros in Washington are just using him.
I knew that this crap was coming. And I could have guessed the source. Disgusting...but predictable.
Just think - it could have been Palin giving a speech on evolution to those poor kids.

Palin discusses dinosaurs
or it could have been a biology lecture, with James Carville, demonstrating the skeletal system.....




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