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Should the political parties in the U. S. be disbanded? It seem like when one party is in charge the other parties just criticize, complains, and delay any plans that they didn't come up with. As a result nothing is done. More is done in a teenage girl clique group than what these supposedly adults do. This is suppose to be a country of individuals ideas. Maybe the country needs to become a party of one in order to get the country back on track.
What do you think?

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I think one major problem is that our elected officials see their jobs as "creating new laws" - which is known as "passing legislation". We have a zillion laws on the books already. So, to do their jobs, they have to keep getting increasingly intrusive, looking harder and harder to find more and more things to make illegal. I don't know who suggested it, but I love the idea of mandating that for every new law passed, two old laws would have to be repealed.
Our nation's political process; it's judiciary, legislative and executive functions, have been usurped by an elite group of corporate managers, legal strategists, and lawmakers for the benefit of the higher echelon of corporate and political movers and shakers. The groups that employ and deploy this machine use this process to destabilize nations through their educational, financial and legal processes. The Trilateral Commission and The Council On Foreign Relations are but two institutions in this regard out of many with a stake in global corporate management. Has the bloodless coup de tat gone down?




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