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Question of the day: Should Phil Robertson be free to speak his (probably rather feeble) mind or should he have kept his yap shut? 

Second question: Does anyone give a s***? 

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Of course he's free to shoot his mouth off.

What's more interesting is that there is a, shall we say, a certain, very vocal section of the populace who feel, very strongly, that he not only has the right to shoot off his mouth, but that NOBODY has the same right to comment upon his remarks. Because Jesus, or something along those lines.

Most of all, this whole sad little mess will accomplish nothing - Except remind the country that right-wingers believe that Rush Limbaugh can say whatever the hell he wants, that Ted Aiken can say whatever the hell he wants, that Dan Cathy can say whatever the hell he wants, that people they agree with can say whatever the hell they want - But nobody else can. Because America, that's why.

His supporters claim it's his right to free speech. I'm glad A&E enforces their code(s) of conduct.

OK, I never watched it.  Don't watch any reality shows. Pat Robertson gives me my weekly dose of hate.

That show represents "reality"????

As my smart friend Frank used to say, "That's the nice thing about Reality: Everybody's got one."

sooooo is phil robertson the secret love child of pat robertson? inquiring minds.....

and really what do you expect from a show that makes a profession of being an ignorant redneck? he has the right to state his opinions, a & e have the right to suspend him....i think the whole episode is overblown..his other comments were just as stupid. the blacks in louisiana were happy and singing in the fields when he grew up....his reality is filtered thru what he sees in his own head first...and that's true of most people

or how bout the young woman just fired for her tweet: "Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just kidding. I'm white!"

being insensitive isn't a crime...being stupid isn't a crime..but there generally is a price you pay for being a s***head...

Tea Party Conservatives didn't used to be so supportive of one's Freedom of Speech.

Ask the Dixie Chicks.  Or Valerie Plame and her husband.

if you really want to get some laughs, read some local social boards in places like texas.....

things you have to shake your head over....

blaming the post office if they don't get a package on time during the christmas rush and saying 'What would you expect from government run organization?' and here is where you get to say "Huh?" cause they also get all gooey and gush about the police and the military. wait!! i thought those were government run organizations, too. was i wrong? or maybe they just are 'that way' about uniforms.....

or complaining about fast food in one post.....and saying the workers don't deserve the minumum wage.... but in another post saying with the flu outbreak, if a fast food worker might be sick, the manager should send them home....uhhhh sure...to enjoy the paid sick leave they don't have and go to the doctor with the medical insurance they don't have and pay the rent with hours they don't get paid for....sure....and to top it all off, the posters call for the govt to do something about the flu.....like what? make the flu illegal like good sense seems to be?

I don't think it's the uniforms, postal workers got uniforms. What do the military and police got that postal workers don't? Oh yeah, guns. Big guns.

Amazing how long the legs on this one is.  It is a media darling and fluff as hard news takes a holiday...

The issue is not one of rights, it is an issue of response, should A&E take the action to suspend Robinson and if so, how will it show?  And should the "Commander" apologize for deeply held beliefs. regardless if he is free to have them and express them.

One almost gets a feeling that it was almost a stunt to promote the show, in that, that is what it is doing.  Clearly GQ knew what it was doing to get the quote on the record and to publish it.  Clearly A&E knows that "Duck Dynasty" is a celebration of "red neck" values, so, how surprise can they be.

As for the Robinson family, they are a business and are doing quite will, actually, by the merchandise I see in the stores.

it's because it is such a blatant illustration of sets of beliefs. to the people on the evangelical far right, they see nothing wrong with any of the comments about blacks or gay people or whatever group they assign negative traits to in their conversations as tho all members of that group as a for instance 'have murder in their hearts' or are akin to practicing bestiality and just everyone KNOWS it is so so why get upset about the truth.... and those on the left have a hard time understanding the insensitivity of those on the right mouthing the pejorative platitudes without any regard for the feelings of others. and the argument rages that 'all' of this group or that group is this way or that way. one person commenting was absolutely certain that this was a plot of gay fascists to control society. we have all demonized the other guy so well we may not be able to get back...

here are a couple comments to consider:

Willing to stand in line for something free, but NOT

willing to take that same ability and energy and put it to good use AT A JOB. This irks me every year at this time, at election time, or during disasters, etc. People will get up in the middle of the night, get in line early and wait for hours and hours, all to get the handout de jour and walk away with bags full, and will then turn around and will give a million excuses why they are unable/unwilling to work.


Liberal politics in a nutshell - If you vote for me, I'll give you free stuff.

--------------------------------My husband has cousins who milk the veterans disability benefits even though they could easily work. They drive BMW's! Makes me sick.

(question: so why don't they turn them in if they are milking the system?)


It's funny how the news footage always seems to focus especially on the young, healthy and able when they show those in line waiting and walking away with bags full, like they can't criticize but they want you to know the scam going on.

I feel like we've all been had and duped when they show them leaving with those huge grins.  Man, they can carry multiple bags full of loot, but they can't answer a phone or do something to earn what they take.  
And man, oh man, they have the energy to wait in line to vote for the Dems that keep the "entitlements" flowing in.


so you may ask what terrible govt program these welfare chiselers were lining up to mooch off of the hardworking taxpayers according to the complainers? how bout Toys for Tots?...a charitable drive by the marine corps 'funded' by the donation of toys for needy children by those willing to do so in order to see that hopefully no kid goes to bed thinking they weren't important enough to get a christmas present from santa....dastardly deed that!

On that note I'll end by saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.




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