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This is my little baby Mikki Meeowse.  My neighbor says I saved her but she really saved me.  She is my blessing when my life was going downhill.  Now I have love....who needs a man...LOL!  She loves me unconditionally and never leaves my side.  Don't you think she's precious?  What kind of pet do you have?

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I think so.....but I'm prejudiced.  I don't know what he is, except that he has some Chow in him.  Partly black tongue.  And the vet says he has a Chow nose.  He's the love of my life.  The best thing my ex ever gave me. 

hes got great eyes,that's nice shot.

betcha he'd like me.dogs have a way with me.

There are only a few men he likes......mostly my two sons. But then, he doesn't get around men much. He sure wasn't fond of that guy I was dating! And the last time he saw my ex, he growled at him! I thought it was funny.

i'm very likable

Our dog, not really mine, but my son's girlfriends, but he loves me too.  This is him with the baby when she was maybe two months old.  He's discovered she crawls now and he's so sweet with her.  You just have to love them. 

Suthin your cat is so cute.  Is she still a kitten? 

Helen, yes Mikki is about a month and a half old now.  When I got her out from under the porch she was so little I had to feed her with a suryinge.  Her mother had abandoned the 3 kittens.  She didn't even know how to use the bathroom yet so I had to get a warm wash cloth and rub her genitals to stimulate her voiding.  Now she's eating kitten chow and is litter trained.  She's never had an accident in the floor.  She's a good kitty.

i think she said it was a kitten.

It amazes me how much I love my little kitten already.  It would kill my soul if something happened to her.  Sometimes she sits in my lap and stares at me like I'm something special.  When I talk to her she will put her little nose against mine and lick me.  I know it's her way of showing affection and my heart just melts.

Oh Suthin, she is so adorable.  I had one that I got from the grounds of a mental hospital and it was four weeks old, but I was able to get her to eat wet cat food.  Sounds like yours was even younger when you found her.  I hope that she grows up nice and big and stays so sweet.  Cats are so easy to house train.  She's adorable.  Keep us all updated with photos of her. 

Reyna & Callie are my latest in a fairly long line of pets. Five and a half years ago I adopted them from a local shelter because I got tired of coming home to an echoing house. My husband had been dead four years and although I'd dated quite a bit I hadn't found The One. Still haven't but at least I'm not alone. Both cats are the same age, seven and a half, but Reyna is grey stripped and Callie is a Calico. Reyna is the dominant one but Callie keeps challenging her. Otherwise they get along well and demand their share of attention. In the years I've lived with them, Callie has become more socialized from her feral ways so that she now comes to me if I call her and will initiate petting or attention. Recently when I went to Japan for 15 days they began to think I wasn't coming back and so didn't eat much. Now they're back to normal.   




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