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Is it just me, or does the "Invite Friends" icon at the top of the page look like a pair of panties?
It's been bugging me for awhile now. Maybe it's my computer, the envelope doesn't show up clearly, and all that I see is the white part.

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Brian, well observed.

Orian, I see where you think of panties, but truly it has more of a 'diapers' look to me. Of course, it all depends on your point of view, and yours seems to be from flat on your back on the floor...a good one, in this case.

Do you invite women up to see your album collection?
I can see Alerts icon as a pair of panties
Is there anything here that doesn't look like a pair of panties?
You're right! What a relief! Now we can have matching sets!
And the triangle to the left of "Reply to This" is clearly a triangle(!), a shape you'll find handy when rendering your stylized depictions of the female body.
I'm going to make no mention of the edit icon.
Be careful, folks.

This is a sex maniac test.

Well there ya have it. Subliminal messages everywhere.
Ah ha...doubting Thomas
Oh, Orian, all this time I was looking at my own inbox. What does that say about me... so ...so... nombriliste

Thank you, Pru.
Funny, I was looking at your inbox too.
TeeBubba! Naughty puppy!
*come and let me scratch your ears*
Just my ears? I like my belly rubbed too.




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