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Is it just me, or does the "Invite Friends" icon at the top of the page look like a pair of panties?
It's been bugging me for awhile now. Maybe it's my computer, the envelope doesn't show up clearly, and all that I see is the white part.

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Stared at it for ten mins and it looks TO ME like what it is suppose to look like ;-)
Ladies....please allow me to burn all of your bras and panties.....!!!!! ;->
I've got matches if you run low TSD
Just one of many words that I enjoy saying.
I am SOOOOOOOO confused. I thought I knew what panties might looked like until this conversation. The "Friends - Invite" icon looks like panties??? I totally don't get it. Of course the only panties I've ever seen were in the JC Penney Sunday ad and I didn't look too closely.
What about the Montgomery Ward catalog you have under your mattress? I saw what page you had it turned to.

BTW - I don't have an icon. Where should it be?
Wasn't that Sears? Someone wrote a song about it, if I remember correctly.
Yup the Sears catalog...the song was by Zoot Fenster " The Man On Page 602"

Yep, I see it too, Orianb. My mind works that way......I have little bit of Butt-Head in me. I guess Beavis too, come to think of it.
Wait just a cotton pickin minute...this was about panties. Now I'm posting pics of men in boxers with their stuff hanging out, how did that happen? Lets get back to panties.
The "View Discussions" icon looks like two people engaged in the act of, well, "kissing". Can I say that here?
The "Settings" icon looks like a mother daisy and her baby. Awww... The Add as Friend icon looks like a person - or rather a bowling pin - that someone has in their crosshairs, almost. The Share icon looks like a bowling pin futilely trying to save its sorry ass by saying "Not me! Look! Over there!"
You seem to have a little extra time on your hands.
Maybe a little too much.




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