TBD on Ning

Before you are cleared for entry you must complete the class in "Political Correctness"!

Its being held in Building E.

Did you bring X with you?

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Who the heck is X? I don't think either of them can here you, Gary. You mustn't get so attached. Picture them running in a field, a prairie, toward a little house, where a strange man with suspenders awaits them.
By jove jeeves I think I got it
Abbracadabra! And then as if by magic,he suddenly appears!
yes it has taken a long journey for this to happen seeing as I am not a wiz at this stuff
Welcome to the mother ship, Rocketman! We wondered if we would need to send out a search party for you!
space is a vast place and it is easy to get lost in but I was able to figure this out and here I ma
Thank goodness!
Nice landing, may I say, Rocketman.

Here you ma and here you shall always ma! Thanks Gary.

Where am I? Am I someone's page?
We were worried about Rocketman for awhile, but he made it here, and sometimes sits on the patio....that is, when he and fat dog aren't battling skunks.
I don't know about Rocketman, and I don't know about X, But I did bring Rocketdog.




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