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Bazooka bubble gum has decided it is time to put an end to the antics of our old buddy Bazooka Joe. (click)

Apparently they don't think today's kids appreciate the same corny humor that we once loved.  I haven't eaten a Twinkie in many years and I no longer chew bubble gum, but knowing these childhood icons are disappearing makes me sad.

What do you suppose will be next?


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I know I have eaten at least some of those packs of the gum. But I was never a big enough baseball, Monkey's, or anything else fan to chew my way through much of that dry as a desert "supposed" gum. I was more of a Juicy Fruit guy.

My childhood vanished when puberty hit.   I still have my trolls though.

You rock Jaylee!


Pickin Berries and thinking we were getting rich.

We ate most of the profit.




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