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well, okay - not so innocent. ;-p

I just pulled a name change. Just a little confidentiality measure, fyi.... it's still silly, goofy, oversexed me, Word Game Girl. '-)

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As you can see, cup size is not that important to me.

Okay, now that is just friggin' adorable.
Is that . . . ?

It is . . . it's a cat . . .

or an alien space rodent . . .
I thought it was Yoda's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-nephew.
once removed.
yeah, well, like I said . . .

an alien space rodent . . .
Now here's a canine . . .

I got yer car fur ya.

Well, if we're gonna talk canines, here's my personal favorites. '-)

I know. they all look alike. shut up. black dogs find me very attractive.
they can't seem to help themselves. what can I say? '-)
Well you already know I like boobs, but just wanted to let you know i like buns too!

ROTFLMAO! TeeBubbaDeeGeePee... you're my new bff! xox




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