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well, okay - not so innocent. ;-p

I just pulled a name change. Just a little confidentiality measure, fyi.... it's still silly, goofy, oversexed me, Word Game Girl. '-)

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Didn't anybody tell you that it's BoobQuake Month?????
hahaha... I haven't seen it, Pru my dear, but I'm taking mine down, too.
It's too..... you know, just too. I feel so naked in the Forum b/c of it tonight! ;-p
Now I gotta go check out Q&A.
yeah, I went there, too. posted am older, tamer pic of me there.
Pru, however, is smokin'.
how's my adorable little DeeGeePee doing tonight?
Okay, it's the stroke of midnight. Boobquake is over. Down comes that way too revealing pic I posted. (can't believe I did it.... where is that I Need Therapy thread?!
You still be shakin and quaking.
I think I just felt an aftershock!
You are my very favorite new pup,
TeeBubbaDee cum DeeGeePee! '-)

let's see if I have this straight --

you are my favorite new pup, & I am your favorite new cup (size), is that right? '-)




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