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Today I saw a VCR on the side of the road with a "Free" sign on it. The remote was nicely taped to the unit...and there was a box of VCR tapes. I started thinking of all the "old technology" I have around the house. Anybody have an old percolator coffeemaker around?.....rotary phone?...Hifi in the basement? How about a transistor radio?....Black and white TV?....suitcase without wheels?....Polaroid instant camera?...stamps you have to lick?

My novia just ordered a new phonograph needle on the internet so she could listen to her old LPs. Anybody else have some "old technology" hanging around the house? Do you still use it? And if you still use it...is it because you think it performs better...or is it because of a frugal streak?

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I have seen some people still using this .
WOW! I remember learning to use an abacus in school.......and a slide rule too!
I have to use 8 fingers and 7 toes.
You weren't the kid that got kicked out of school for counting to 21 on his fingers and toes...were you? HAHAHAHAHAHA
I could only hit 15...Hmpfh!!
Wasn't that the new math technique they tried to teach us way back when??
It's a beautiful piece machinery.......they didn't ask you for your zip code when they were using that.
As an ex antique dealer, I have to say this is a very nice piece. I have bought these types of registers, taken them apart, cleaned them, and put them back together with very good results. Lots of these machines only need a good cleaning and oiling tp bring them back.
PS. Hard to tell from a picture, but has this piece been restored? If not, it is in exceptional, original condition. Probably one of the nicest I have ever seen. The main reason I ask is because the numbers on the keys are crisp and clear. This is very rare for a machine of this age. Most times, these are very faint, or cannot be seen at all.
I don't know. It was a picture I took while on vacation one year!
I still have a VCR, its a built in on a little 13" set, I figure maybe I'll want to see something someday. I also have a cassette deck and a turntable with amp etc. I have a bunch of LPs that are demo copies or one offs and will never be on iTunes or DVD. I figure I'll transfer them to digital some day and then sell 'em on eBay.
If my DVD player acts up again I'll head over to Best Buy and get a Blu-Ray player.
Does it work??? Got "Debbie Does Dallas"??? hehehe
Really... Do you have "Radio Shack" Demos???
Heathkit Demos???

Hi Dear... Miss'n Ya (my problem)

Have Funny :)
I think she did a football player in a locker room toward the end there!




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