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Brian was kind enough to give me permission to post this as a discussion.
I would like to thank him for putting this together but allowing it to be shared.


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I wept for an hour last night when I saw it. TSD even got a tad misty eyed. It's poignant and soulful and personal and just lovely. Again, thank you Brian. Perhaps those of us who saved odds and sods at the last minute could email their bits to Brian and he could expand upon it? Just a thought.
Hi B A F! I didn't realize that Felixia had originated Beatrice Freddy! Turns out it was part of the Italian job - which somehow I had saved all of..
See above, Dazz. Or maybe you could do one? I can send you some stuff...
It was pretty personal to me - It would be interesting to see what someone else might come up with...
Copy that. I have no clue as to how to construct it - but we could collaborate!?! Since my laptop crash and recovery of the hard drive - things are dis-organized , but I'll hunt about and see what I can come up with! I bet many of us saved things!
Great! Aggie smile!
That was great! Thanks for the post. Good to remember the old days.
Thank you, Brian, for the stroll down memory lane!
Thanks Brian, that is beautiful. It brought so many sweet memories.




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