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     How many of you have seen a Golden Toad, Black Rhino, Leatherback Turtle,Sumatran Elephant, or a Western Lowland Gorilla lately? Well, I'm sure a Brown Spider Monkey, Siberian Tiger, Orangutan, or a Vaquita, (species of Porpoise), or a rare mammal like a Pangolin or Saola has crossed your path this week?  You say no?  All these animals have something in common. They are on the endangered species list. 
     Our civilization is now on the precipice of a precarious precedent, preposterous as it might sound. The human race is about to become an endangered species.  The time to act is now so our society does not follow the dodo bird and wooly mammoth into the abyss of extinction. 
     New laws must be  legislated immediately to accelerate predator, pest, and parasite control. Habitat management and environmental methodologies must be instituted faster than you can say "Jack Robinson."  Mankind must draw on disciplines such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, ecology, climatology, geography, and pornography.
     Death rates have exceeded birth rates throughout the world. The shocking reality is as the older populace dies out, who is left to take  care of the babies? Who is left to potty train them? Who will change their diapers or Pampers or Huggies? Who will manufacture their jars of Beechnut or Gerber baby foods? Who is left to milk the cows for their sustenance or other nourishment if they happen to be lactose intolerant?  YES..This is a scary but inevitable scenario.
     There is only one course of action that We The People of the planet Earth must follow .  There is only one Long and Winding Road we must take. Are we Beetles or descendants of Mice and Men? Indeed, we must follow The  Road Not Taken.  The time has come,the Walrus said to talk of many things. Let us all as human beings embrace that we do  not go  gentle into that good night.

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