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I'd like to restart a interactive game I liked from the old place, maybe started by Cowgirlu, but I'm not sure.
What you do is posit a choice between two things, and the next person chooses and posits the next choice. I will start the choices below

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bowling shoes....kinda sexy....

ski boots or ice skates...
ski boots

sailboat or motorboat?
sail boats

airplane or private jet
private jet

Jeans or creased trousers?
red wine

silk or cotton sheets?
none - manicure too expensive & has to be maintained

Sweet & Sour Pork or Chillies Rellenos?

Vaseline or Wesson oil?
WD40 with a hint of nutmeg.

Knots or Velcro?

Sweaters or Sweats?

cold dark night or hot sultry day

beer bottles or cans?
beer in bottles

sweet pickles or dill pickles?




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