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We're closing in on Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I love throwing Halloween parties for adults, which can be so much scarier than for kids, of course. I usually have movies or horror video game let's plays going on in the background and truly scary decorations and food, etc. 

Stick anything scary in this discussion (except political stuff which, admittedly, is scariest of all ツ ). Links to videos, movies, scary stories, creepy recipes with illustrations, DIY projects, photos--anything which raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

Vampire me.  

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Screaming Eagles--Wow, Darroll, incredibly tough outfit, in very tough situations. Admiration.

I may be wrong, but I believe my boyfriend in the very early 70s had been in the “Nomad Unit.” He would sometimes talk about the camaraderie, but not the fighting. He eventually told me one incident which I won't relate here. I'll just say that I can understand why it screwed him up.

How have the years since been for you?


Drank agent orange, a tank ran over my foot (i'm a good yeller, this stopped the tank)

No problems at all.

"Drank agent orange"--Good God, Darroll. Because it was in your drinking water (and in everything else for that matter)? Glad you're alive. Has your health been affected? So many possible deleterious effects of that poison...

I had a car run over my foot and it was excruciating--I can't even IMAGINE what a tank would feel like or do to your foot.

And, I'm sure, these are only some of the milder things you suffered. 


I answered this once already.


The agent orange did not seem to hurt me. Maybe it was the bomb-d-domb (beer) that flushed me out. It was fortified with formaldehyde.


A couple of GI's crawled under a tank for a good night’s sleep. During the night the tank settled and trapped the guys. We dug them out and I told the tank driver to move forward and he backed up pinning my foot. No damage to me or the guys under the tank.

My Uncle was a Screaming Eagle. His first jump was Normandy. He got transferred to the unit.


He told the crew chief and he gave him a gentle nudge. And told him to relax on impact.


They landed forty miles off target.


He had no meat for a year and for Thanksgiving  his commanding officer promised his outfit a turkey. 

The Mess Sargent that cooked the meal said the turkey was dated 1917.

He said it was the best damn meal he ever had.

RIP Eddie

Normandy. Good gosh. Some first jump!

I have some small idea of how good food can taste after being deprived of it for a long period. It's amazing how deprivation can reorganize your whole world view. Glad Eddie and his outfit got that (ancient) turkey, if it made 'em happy and full.

Thanks, Uncle Eddie, for going through it all and for doing your best, like your buddies did. 

Love this, Flipper.

Hahaha! Fair enough.

And you can claim having to buy the candy limits the negative effects on their health by limiting the amount of candy they consume. SPIN!!!! ☠ ツ




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