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We're closing in on Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I love throwing Halloween parties for adults, which can be so much scarier than for kids, of course. I usually have movies or horror video game let's plays going on in the background and truly scary decorations and food, etc. 

Stick anything scary in this discussion (except political stuff which, admittedly, is scariest of all ツ ). Links to videos, movies, scary stories, creepy recipes with illustrations, DIY projects, photos--anything which raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

Vampire me.  

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Some great horror let's plays to project onto your big screen (or big scream ☠ ). Chris of CjuGames, is the best horror/mystery gamer on YouTube for my money. He's a cute, charming English guy with a lovely voice and sunny attitude whose gameplay is thorough, smart, and upbeat without being over-the-top and obnoxious, as are so many of YT's most-watched gamers. Here's the link to his channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeAXVwwurpvQVJozU1GipTg  And PLEASE subscribe if you like him--he deserves it!

REALLY creepy horror short. Award winning.

"An inquisitive girl is convinced by her controlling mother that her dead dad will resurrect if they show how much they miss him. That is, until he begins to rot..."


Yup to that.

A free lecture.

Don't spend more money than you have.

Another one.

Pay attention in school, you might learn something.

HAHAHA, Aggie. Now THAT'S scary!

More quirky than scary.  An alternate universe version of a soap opera, which has been running for 6 years.


Interesting video, Darroll. Especially to see your area of operations from a bird's eye view.

You don't have to say, but are you in this video?

I was in one of the slicks going to a radio repeater deep in Vietnam. These guys escorted our flight.

How many troops can a UH-1 carry? Like a medium-sized squad? 

Would the mood in there vary according to what kind of operation you were headed for?

(No need to answer any question I ask.)




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