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Name a TBDer who fits a given notable then create a new "notable" award
for the next person to answer. Be nice!!!!!!

*Notable -
a distinction given

ex.  Most likely to find a fairy....
       Lily Roth  

       Most likely to fall off his Evil Knievel Harley...
       Larry Kremis

Now we shall begin:

Most likely to fly...

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"The Dazzling One"

Most likely to enjoy fine dining and elegance?
Rush Limbaugh.

Most likely to remarry?
My youngest brother's ex-wife...she's about to divorce her 3rd husband...the 2nd one after my brother inside of 5yrs.

Most likely to receive the "Over Achievement" award?
Chuck, he's a busy man.

Most likely to have afternoon sex?
Not me.

Most likely to throw a TBD party.
Thee Slayer Dug, Dazzling Diana and TeeBubbaDee.

Most likely to use computer problems as an excuse for abandoning us?
I was thinking Gary Young.

Most likely to yell at a referee.
Ruby Red Crystal

Most likely to post doggie porn on youtube?
Steven Goth, of course.

Most likely to have a whip handy when you need it?
Gary Young, unless you're talking cooking, that would be Whiny Old Bastard.

Most likely to blow smoke up your butt?

Most likely to draw Robin's or Katherine's ire?
NNNAAaaa...not you....




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