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***** Question and Answer for the Ning 2.0 platform *****

Question and Answer for the Ning 2.0 platform !!!


ning Elizabeth 04:12 pm

One moment, please

Hippy Hi Ning, my members have this unknown request. Q = from members ( I HEARD SOMETHING FROM A FEW PEOPLE ABOUT NING GOING TO 3.0...IS THIS THE TRUTH I HEARD IT WAS..LET ME KNOW..THEY WAS TELLING ME THAT THERE WILL BE NO MORE 2,0 ) seeing how I have been paying cents they started charging. Is this what Ning is going to do, we all would like to know? Because I do not like 3.0 at all ....

ning Elizabeth 04:14 pm We do recommend the migration process as our 3.0 platform is more technical and user friendly. But it is not obligatory to migrate, you can still use your 2.0 platform.

And we are not planning to close the 2.0 platform.

You should not be worried.

Hippy 04:27 pm Ok thank you, I'm old school,

2.0 is the best platform I have ever used,

3.0is great for business,

2.0 is the best platform for social platform,

People love it,

And I been using the internet scene the dialup

and the square floppy disk ...

looked like x ray film...

Thanks for the update and conformation.

Have a good day..

This was updated on 08/19/2020 ....

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sorry it's been some time ,

I still have my ning network

so I keep regular ning info and updates...

Keep enjoying your/ classic 2.0 ning platform...

Keep safe, always have your mask

and keep social Distancing when you are 

Out in public... ❤ ...

Hugs Hippy ...

I do not plan on upgrading TeeBeeDee from Ning 2.0 to 3.0. I plan to keep things Classic 2.0.




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