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First we have Lieberman wanting the Public Options removed. And it's NHC or large fine and jail.
Small businesses are going to have to pay for NHC anyway so more than likely will drop any choice and the employees will have to choose NHC.

Second, there is a proposed Restoring American Financial Stability Act. This will include a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. The retail industry fears "Specifically, the Consumer Financial Protection Agency proposed under the Act includes deposit-taking language that may lead to the elimination prepaid cards at retail locations." And Corporate America in general seem to think, "First, the corporate governance provisions represent unprecedented federal intrusion into corporate management and undermine more than 100 years of state corporate law practices. Creating additional shareholder rights without companion responsibilities may result in more risky, short-term corporate behavior – exactly the opposite of what is intended.

Step by step -- The president says he is trying to undo the problems that have been in place for a 100 years; all in one year. What the President is doing is taking over our lives. Telling us what is good for us and putting us under the thumb of the Government.

Some one said to me we still are a democracy. They are wrong. If we were I would have the right to choose whether to wear seat belts or not. I could smoke cigarettes in my own home. I could choose whether to buy insurance or not.

Almost every man and woman that's elected to government is a liar. They promised to uphold the constitution. Every time they take away our rights and every time they take over businesses and every time they provide a service that has nothing to do with protecting our borders and every time they do nothing about protecting our borders they are not upholding the constitution. We used to have to be self sufficient or suffer. The government has reduced our means of being self sufficient and we still suffer.

What bothers me most is the Right is tearing down the Left for doing the same things the Right were proposing. What we need is neither a Left or Right but a stable center that does not make moral judgements on how we live and not make laws on the basis of the beliefs of whoever is in power. Their moral views of what is right and wrong should not be affecting us.

I don't know that there is anything that can be done for what the government has already put in place the past 100 years but there is no rhyme or reason the government should continue on this course of taking away our rights as citizens.

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