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Nearly Entire Staff Laid Off at Eons, Says Founder Jeff Taylor

Erin Kutz 11/18/10

[Updated with additional information, Nov. 18, 2010]–-Boston baby boomer and social networking site Eons, which has raised $32 million in two rounds of financing led by two venture capital giants—General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital—yesterday laid off nearly its entire remaining staff, founder Jeff Taylor said tonight.

Taylor, who previously founded Monster.com, revealed the layoff news during his keynote talk tonight at a VIP dinner leading up to tomorrow’s MIT Venture Capital Conference. We could not directly follow up with Taylor but will report back as we gather additional details. The fate of Eons itself could not be confirmed.

Eons launched in 2006. Its latest venture round was a $22 million Series B round that closed in March 2007. Since then Eons has struggled to reinvent itself. Originally founded as an Internet portal for the aging Baby Boomer crowd, it had the slogan “Lovin’ Life on the Flip Side of 50.” But after spending a lot of money with little traction, it removed its over-50 age limit early in 2008 as part of a bid to remake itself as a more general social networking site.

Update, November 18, 9:40 pm—

We caught up with Taylor briefly after his talk tonight. He says he laid off seven of the 12 remaining Eons employees, leaving it with just five staffers. He said the intent behind the move was to focus his remaining resources on Meetcha.com, an Eons-developed dating site for people over 40 that launched in December 2009.


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I've lurked over there, but didn't see a thing there that impressed me.
I like Eons. It was my first experience with social networking, and there are some nice people over there. I am disappointed that they are going to focus on a dating site, because I and other married/steady relationship people cannot take part in that as we can in Eons.
Thank goodness we still have TBDning, My Atlantis and Facebook.
I'm with you on two out of three. :=)
Gatorgal told me about TBD when Eons allowed the youngsters in and I followed her to TBD.
I never heard of EONS.
I don't know or pay attention to computer stuff.
But I know other stuff.
Nice Kitty, you will when you get older.
I only know 4 things......
Eons was my first social site. Meeting with some Eons in one of the Texas groups in San Antonio this weekend.
A meetup! Have fun!
Rings familiar.....*sigh*....
FB will probably never die....see you there.
I don't have enough time to do the computer stuff.
The cat napping and meowing takes up all my time.
All I can say is....Let the peeps @ Eons know about TBD/ning! We gots lots of room!




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