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My blog is removed from my page: invasion of privacy.

I want to know what people have to say. I write about computers. My article 'Kaspersky Anti Virus Software' was posted on MY PAGE and it is removed by MysticalMaria and Bull from MY PAGE. It is unheard of. It is an invasion of privacy. It means that Bull and MysticalMaria have the right to delete whatever they please including YOUR content. I also need to know if Robin Wolaner is aware of the situation.

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Some here might be confused of my candor, I am not holding an allegiance here. I want the best for TBD2 and if that includes a perhaps "different view" from a moderator, I see nothing wrong with that. To get the balance right we need objective points of view from different parts of the community. Just my silly self talking..Carry on.
Blonde and others calm down.
I wasn’t consulted to be a mod either.
They probably knew that I would decline anyway.
I now understand the rules that I can’t sell corn flakes on TBD.
Darroll, you are so wise, left out too. But your corn falkes sales days are over, my friends. Once upon a time we had no rules and mod. now we have many that meet in secret. I hate secrets.

All of this clandestine activity made me think of this...AGAIN!! Thanks for the pix Funes. Disclaimer: Funes in no way endorsed or advocated this post.
I reconized a few of them hmmmmm
I didn't see Alla's post as an advert, more as sharing useful knowledge and protection with other members I also responded to her, so I guess that went away as well. She shared information to help others to be safe on the internet. Some members have a great depth of computer experience which they are willing to share. Is it wrong to say this is a good utility to clean up crap on you computer?
I would totally agree with the deletion, but only if Alla was benefiting in some way from the post. Assuming she's not, she should be applauded for sharing her experience and expertise.

Moderators: would her post have been deleted if it had been posted in Members Help with Ning?
Thanks for the response, jacquin.

Frankly, I think I would like you to broaden your response beyond the bounds of Ning. Many of our members are relatively new to the cyber world and could benefit from the many decades of experience some of us possess.

Would Alla's post have been more acceptable had she mentioned competing anti-virus vendors? Or posted links to reviews on other sites?

First I want to let you know that I find the tone of your message very patronizing. You assume that I am supposed to blindly comply with the requirements whatever they are. This is not the case. I might comply if I find the answers to my questions satisfying and making sense in today's social networking world. If I don't - I will make some personal decisions.

Now let's looks at some questions I have.
People blog because they have a necessity to speak up, to think out loud, to share lifetime experience, to learn something new, to share a funny joke/random thought every once in a while. Writing an interesting entry on a blog usually triggers communication between like minded people, sharing ideas and sparks creativity.

When bloggers start their blogs they make no money. Making money online is in their perspective. But people still blog and are very passionate about their blogging.

Now there are blogging conferences where bloggers come from all over the world. The name of a blog is the signature of a blogger. The name of the person's blog accompanies the blogger everywhere he/she goes. It is embedded in the signature of the person. Every time the blogger posts a question/comment in a forum, everybody sees the name of the bloggers site. The name of a blog as a signature and it is welcome in every forum where people exchange opinions/ideas.

Why TBD is different? Why the name of the blog is supposed to be kept on a personal page? Why the name of the blog is perceived as a commercial advertisement here, on TBD? Is it lack of understanding? Is it a desire to suppress information?

The video you about to see was viewed by 1/2 million of people.

Today there 70 000 000 blogs in the world.

you mean with just 60 people online ??/?
oops 66 :) no 62;-)




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