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My blog is removed from my page: invasion of privacy.

I want to know what people have to say. I write about computers. My article 'Kaspersky Anti Virus Software' was posted on MY PAGE and it is removed by MysticalMaria and Bull from MY PAGE. It is unheard of. It is an invasion of privacy. It means that Bull and MysticalMaria have the right to delete whatever they please including YOUR content. I also need to know if Robin Wolaner is aware of the situation.

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Maria, that's what you wrote to me: 'Links to personal websites in blogs is against Community Guidelines. Posting links on one's one profile page is fine'

Community rules do not prohibit links to personal websites. Explain this, please: 'Posting links on one's one profile page is fine'. My article was posted on my personal page. You deleted my article from MY PAGE. The fact that it is set up this way that every member can see what I write on my blog does not mean that anybody, including YOU Maria, can delete my page.
For the last time, Maria, I don't know what you mean. I read what you wrote. Moderator - is not supposed to just go around deleting content. If there is a problem, it has to be resolved in a civilized manner. I do not want to have moderators that deletes my content. Poor job.
I am glad we are having this discussion as lately there has been a great deal of comment about the ethics of linking to off site blogs. I would love to here from members.
Allas was a great example, she only published about a paragraph on tbd and you needed to use the link and go to her blog to finish the whole thing. Why not just publish the whole thing here, seems almost disingenuous.
Bull, that is not a discussion. I feel that if you had a gun, you would shoot me.

All in all, I feel very bad for you personally. Instead of learning how to use links proficiently, you want to stop using links. Wake up, Bull. It is century 21, links are used in the outside world. Why not use them here, on TBD.

As for me, I use links, I am proficient in creating links and I will use them for as long as I live.
That does not mean that I need your company for that.
Discrimination. That was one of your tags Alla.How exactly were YOU discriminated against? I am REALLY wanting to hear this. Discrimination is very close to my heart.
I wrote an article 'Kaspersky Anti Virus Protection'. I posted it on my page. It was deleted by MysticalMaria. My article had 2 commercial links. Had somebody mentioned that it would be better to modify the article not to include commercial links, I would have no problems modifying the article. I was not given that chance. My article was deleted by MysricalMaria. Later it was deleted again after I posted it on my page. The fact that blogs are visible by everybody, even if they are on my page, is acceptable by ning. That's how it was supposed to be set up. There is now crime here. I posted several articles so far. Some of them did have commercial links, some of them did not. I never thought that a link would be considered a problem.

I see plenty of articles in the blog section that contain all kinds of links, including commercial. Nobody's articles are deleted, but my article is deleted.

This is a clear case of discrimination.
I never heard about choosing moderators. I created 3 groups, I am a moderator, but I knew nothing about it.
It was the Stonecutters, they wanted a closer parking spot! Sorry, I thought that was Simpsons funny!
That was a hilarious episode...The Ancient Mystic Society of No Homers.
I want to ask tooo---I am on here all the time and it just flew right past me. Are they chosen by vote? I want a recount!!!!!
I want to know that 2.
Quinn, I do not deny that there was a commercial link. I see commercial links in blog section of other blogs. Nobody deletes anything. Nobody mentioned to me anything about the links. I posted several articles and there was nothing mentioned. One of a sudden my page is deleted. Are there other pages that contain commercial links deleted? No, it is just mine.

If you saw my page before, why didn't you mention the fact, that you were not excited to see it? And indicate a reason. Is it OK to just delete content? No, this problem could be resolved in a peaceful manner. But it did not.




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