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My blog is removed from my page: invasion of privacy.

I want to know what people have to say. I write about computers. My article 'Kaspersky Anti Virus Software' was posted on MY PAGE and it is removed by MysticalMaria and Bull from MY PAGE. It is unheard of. It is an invasion of privacy. It means that Bull and MysticalMaria have the right to delete whatever they please including YOUR content. I also need to know if Robin Wolaner is aware of the situation.

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Good question Bull. Alla can you respond?

Frankly, I am not a shill for any other program or service that I have recommended to others but I would disclose this if things change....like I lost my current job. I daily send clients I deal with to download utilities and other programs to correct their systems problems, free if possible or low cost, without compensation. I usually look to Microsoft or PCMag or PCWorld where there is some degree oversight.

My involvement here is mostly to know how helpful can I be publicly to another poster.
I am not an affiliate of that program. But now I will definitely consider it. Thank you, Bull.

I do not receive a commission when someone links to somebody's site thru my blog. If I was an affiliate, and if someone purchased their product thru my link, I would be paid commission. Nobody pays any money just for linking. Money have to be transferred one pocket to another, a purchase has to be made. Only then an affiliate will be paid commission.

I am a very young internet marketer, just starting. I am learning as much as I can. It is a very difficult business.
Thanks Alla.

I figured this was the case but you had to say it.
You are welcome, SG.
Thank you Alla
You did everything you would need to to be one.
Very well if I may say so.
Thats where some of the confusion came in.
I believe it's called CPA marketing
CPA marketing - I believe is a totally different type of marketing. How different? I am not sure and I would not speculate about it, as I have very vague knowledge of the subject.
yeah right...
This whole conversation astounds me .
If I build it, I get to make the rules ...period.
Allow me to make an analogy.
Let's say that I build a new house , and I invite all my friends and new neighbors over for a backyard cookout . One of my new neighbors decides to take advantage of the large number of people gathered to have a tupperware party and annoy all my other guests . It's rude and inconsiderate. And I WILL ask you to leave. Its the same thing here. although I won't be as polite and understanding as the mods here. I do not have time for rude, crude, and incosiderate people.
I think ya'll need to agree to disagree.....so come on children, get out of the sand box, go back to class and discuss something else, like inter-planetary travel, the pros and cons of the Dewey Decimal System, various toe nail trimming techniques....anything!!!!!!!!
Chuck, I find your thoughts to be just right, modern and acceptable. BTW, I can provide a free unlimited size email box on one of my websites.
My two cents.

This site provides the opportunity for those who want to advertise. If you want to advertise your business or product, do so through that channel, and pay for it. I remember in the old TBD, people tried to be creative with promoting their "businesses." It got annoying.

FYI, there is no privacy on the open internet.




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