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I was disgusted to read that Mike Vick was going to play professional football again. To me he is worse than a dog. He think he really should be be banned from the human race.

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It would appear that no one is interested in answering the questions that I posed.
Maybe I will rephrase them.
Well, hell, I can't delete the double post from my Blackberry.
A penalty of 2 years in prison is neither beneficial to him, society, or the dogs. 50% of his income for a certain amount of time should have gone to the SPCA, PETA, and dog rescue groups.
I'm thinking of starting a Siamese Fighting Fish operation. I wonder if fish feel pain like dogs do?
What are you, some kind of communist? Didn't you get the memo that as long as you're a sports dude, an actor, a musician, a politician or just plain filthy stinkin' rich, you get a free pass?
I'm no commie, although I am a bit pink.
Is fish fighting illegal ?
I might be on to a real money maker here.
Pete Rose!! Pete Rose!! Pete Rose!! Pete Rose!! Pete Rose!! Pete Rose!!

Or doesn't anybody but me see the irony in this??
There is no irony. You're talking about two very different things. Pete Rose bet on his own team, both as a player and manager. Vicks crime had nothing to do with football. Had Vick bet on football he likely would be banned also.
Oh--so I guess gambling is a worst crime then killing?
Your argument is with the baseball and football commissioners, Haveaheart, they are the ones that make those calls. One said no, the other said yes. I do agree with both assessments .




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