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I was disgusted to read that Mike Vick was going to play professional football again. To me he is worse than a dog. He think he really should be be banned from the human race.

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What ever happened to "paying your debt to society".....and then allowing the person to get on with their lives? The days of professional athletes as role models are long gone. The sports page should have it's own crime watch section. So Michael Vick is not alone.....he is just the latest.
sometimes depending on the crime they can find a job. sometimes they can't.
He could run for congress....they have plenty of felons there. Some of them have even been caught.
All that $$$ and all those endorsements and they still act like thugs and gangstas.....
a convicted felony is serving in congress? Please give me the name and state!

Too funny!!! That should have been his jury.
that says it all----Love it!!!!!!!!!
that is a good one!
This really is so damn funny!! I think Scooby could take him LOL!!
Sigh, if only this pic was true...the guy should be torn from limb to limb and then electrocuted - just like he did to his dogs...
Yes Michael Vick did wrong, but he did fulfill his sentence in jail... what about the athlete that struck and killed a person in FL (?) a couple of months back, he paid off the family, and did or will do some community service time (I think) how come no jail time? I guess money does talk???




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