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I was disgusted to read that Mike Vick was going to play professional football again. To me he is worse than a dog. He think he really should be be banned from the human race.

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again, there was no conviction of anything more than than DUI or AKA---money and influance have lots of power but Vicks crime was pass that. We could go back to Edward Kennedy.
Hey, I side with Michael Vick. He served his time. The Minnesota Vikings could use him now that Brett refused to come to training camp.
Perhaps he would not associate with the likes of us here in the midwest.
I agree, let him get on with his life.
There are numerous pro football players playing today who have been convicted of felony's
Leonard Little to name one.
He got drunk, crashed into another car and killed a woman. Served 90 days. Vick 18 months.
Something wrong with that picture.
I don't know about the rest of you, but as much as I like my dog, I still place human life above his.
Jamal Lewis, convicted of facilitating a drug deal involving 5 kilos of cocaine, served 4 months, still playing.
The list is long.........
I will be interested to see what team wants him after all the publicity he got and you know Peta will boycott the team(if there should be one) I saw all the pictures of his ring which was near me here in Virginia. Even Bob Barker will be this team or hire his hit man
All I am really wondering is if Mike is going to be allowed to come back to football...then when is Pete Rose going to be allowed to come back to baseball???
When you think about the lives, and the suffering, these dogs were put through, only to be killed when they didn't make the grade, makes me wonder if 18 months was a justifiable sentence? This wasn't a one time blow up, it was an ongoing thing. Someone would have to have no compassion which wouldn't just be towards animals alone.
Wow! Some of you guys frighten me more than Michael Vick does.
Wonder how Monkey would do in Mike Vicks care? Sure, he did his time and will get on with his life, doesn't mean anyone has to forget what type of person he is. That's the point!
Hey, hey, leave my Monkey out of this.
If you really want to see the southern redneck in me come out, just mess with my Monkey.
I don't think any team in the USA is going to sign him, The animal rights groups are just too strong and he got too much publicity, and it was all justified. As I stated before I saw the site he operated, and anyone would become ill at what took place there. He needs more mental health help than anyone could get in the prison systems in 18 months.




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