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I wish I had thought of this, but I didn't: I read it on Newsvine, the MSN news board.


A reader said that instead of wasting money on PR and TV ads, BP should crank up their worldwide  connections, hire the best killers in the world, and let them loose to find OBL, dead or alive. Now that's capitalism!


Whaddya think?

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Good Idea.

Thank you for your support.
I'd think that finding and apprehending bin Ladin would be antithetical to BP's long-term goals. Without punks like bin Ladin keeping the region in turmoil, OPEC, BP and other oil industry giants wouldn't be able to get away with charging so much for gas.....
Are you saying that security costs, presumably higher in an unstable region than elsewhere, are a big factor in gas prices?

If so, how would you explain the decline in gas prices from the July 7, 2008 US average of $4.08/gallon to current levels? Has the Mideast become more stable since then?
While Mother Sanity is very sheltered and does not know who BP is...I sure think its a good idea. Do you really think that they dont know where the big O is? After all this time? With all of our technology? And the fact that he stands out like a sore thumb? Gimme a break. Sounds like the turnip truck has just rolled by. I sure'd be interested in knowing the truth, though the very notion of THAT is absurd. Love to All! MS
I think he's dead.

Maybe Nancy Grace should look into it.




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