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Past, present, or future...real or fantasy...love 'em or leave 'em. In 5/7/5.

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worth any heartache
one glowing moment with you
fills my soul's coffer

silence speaks loudly...
the clock in your room winds down
i can't find the key

love interrupted...
coquettish electronics
internet demons

strong swimmers...we fight
ephemeral currents to
finish what we start

i'm left with questions
an emotional gridlock
nothing safe to say

relating to this

my heart stumbles and falters

still learning to walk

As always, Daddieo--a powerful image to amplify engaging words. Thank you!

I just happened across this which you sent, Daddieo, over a year ago...it fits here. We both understand what it means not to understand...

no defense against
loved ones gone without warning...
i will run to you

trapped within the walls
of a prison he designed
walking in circles

Sent to me by my eternal beloved. 

night in the forest
mountain meadows in springtime
your love soothes my soul

bright laughter ringing
warm loving arms around me
your love fills my soul

lay down beside me
let me always be with you...
my eternal love

my heart longs for you
impossible dream of mine
my love never ends

i'll never give up
we're worth whatever it takes
our love is precious

and you my darling
you're worth all i have to give
and endlessly more

how could i have known
my chances were running out
unless you told me

do you think it's fair
that i'm given less warning
than an employee




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