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Music figures huge in my life. It is the vehicle of so many emotions...

Are there any songs that thrill you, make you smile,or make you weep, that remind you of a particular lover, or that a loved one "dedicated" to you?

Post as many songs as you wish. The more the better!

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The late great Luther Vandross at the NAACP awards in 1988…an amazing artist and gay man. Look at the reactions in the audience, particularly Dionne’s face.

Dionne’s expression is the one you’ve seen so often on my face, My Heart and Soul …Love, awe, pride, joy. This song, like all love songs, is for you.

Yes…this house is not a home without you in it; but, I have found my permanent, unassailable, indestructible home in your heart.

I love you.

No truer lyrics written...

A great anthem for human rights/gay rights/gay marriage.

I miss your humility, your passion, your incredible mind, your commitment to improving the world one life at a time, your humor which kept me laughing no matter what, your beauty, and your love most of all which filled my world with happiness, light, color, faith, and hope. You are my forever love, Draughn.




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