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Which is more important in your life. I know you can love your cat or have passion for the work you do, but I mean in your primary relationship. Do you need both? Can you have one without the other? Does passion have to fade over time? What's important to you?

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That's a tough one, Red. You are fortunate that at least the love is still there. Sometimes there are ups and downs, too... I remember. If you work on it, perhaps you could find yourself in a cloudburst...
She tells me it is the change of life thing that has taken away the passion.
Sometimes things that seem lost can be found again. It could be a matter of looking at things in a different way.
I agree, A. I need both elements in a relationship. As you say, there is an ebb and flow, and if both partners are secure in themselves and in their feelings, the ebb and flow can be part of the wonderful contrast that keeps a relationship vibrant over many years.

One of the keys to passion over time, I believe, is to see your partner through new eyes. When I look at my Beloved, separate from me...talking to a colleague or solving a problem or standing at a drug store counter laughing with strangers...I feel overwhelming pride and a huge rush of love and passion. I think, "Look how those others see him...such interest and admiration in their eyes. Look how he puts them at ease and makes them laugh!" As humans, we do tend to fall into ruts. But, we must break out of them. Everything that ever was in your relationship, remains there (barring major transgressions). You both simply have to open your hearts to it.
You two both express ideas that feel hopeful and confident. It does my heart good to hear it.
Ahhh, how interesting... I have a friend who finds love to be the glue. For me friendship, a meeting of the minds, is the foundation... passion is perhaps the inspiration to build something on it in the first place? And to keep on adding and renovating over the years...
Spoken like a true designer, I know... better at that than meteorology.
Wonderful. Love is the foundation, passion the glue. I agree.
Love can be found but the love and passion combined is hard to find . and agree that passion dies over time . so the question is do you still want to live with love or do you want to move on and find that love and passion combination again?
I'm not sure it has to die over time. I think it might fade, but I believe it can be reignited. I like the idea of waxing and waning. Not always at it's fullest, but sometimes...
Great question! I guess I am holding out for both. The passion does not have to fade if you both work at it.
I wonder if I need a refresher course??? It has been such a long time...
what difference does it make with all the horror in the world?




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